Why BlueSecure?

In a world where cyberthreats are constantly evolving, it’s essential to raise awareness more effectively. BlueSecure embodies a forward-looking cybersecurity awareness solution that actively involves users.



About us

BlueSecure is a cybersecurity consulting firm based in Paris.


Our complementary teams enable us to offer a wide range of cybersecurity services covering auditing, consulting and training.

A social engineering awareness campaign

We have capitalized on our experience in information systems security acquired with our customers (over 200 customers, see our references), to provide you with a proven online service:


We offer a complete solution for raising awareness of social engineering threats, by simulating phishing campaigns via all channels: e-mails, SMS, USB sticks, social networks and telephone calls.


To complete the awareness-raising actions, we provide a platform for deploying e-learning to raise cybersecurity awareness.

Creation of a dedicated E-Learning platform

To meet the specific needs of our customers relating to professional training, we created the BlueLearning service in 2017.


This training organization is registered under number 11756059975 with the Prefect of the Ile de France region, DataDock referenced, offering online and face-to-face training courses on subjects related to the digital world, regulatory topics, cybersecurity and personal data protection.


These two activities are grouped within BlueDigital SAS, a 100% French company owned by its founders and based in Paris.
All infrastructures and services are hosted in France.

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BlueSecure strengthens your teams against cyberthreats. Find out what BlueSecure can do for you.

Our certifications and labels

The services provided by our BlueLearning training center, company name Bluedigital, SIREN n° 833999352 registered under the activity declaration number 11756059975 have been assessed and found to comply with the requirements of the national quality standards and the CERTIFOPAC certification program. The quality certification is issued for the following category(ies) of actions: L.6313-1 – 1° Training actions.


Our DPO has been certified by AFNOR as a CNIL-approved person, in accordance with the “Compétences du DPO – Délégué à la protection des données” standard.


Several of our employees are certified as ISO 27001 Information Security Management System Audit Managers by LSTI.

NGOs and Associations

NGOs and associations are also targeted by cyber-attacks, particularly when operating in international crisis zones.

BlueSecure supports these organizations in their cyber awareness programs for employees and volunteers.


Medecins Sans Frontières


Medecins Sans Frontières is an international medical humanitarian association founded in 1971 in France. In more than 70 countries, it provides assistance to populations whose lives or health are threatened by conflicts, epidemics and natural disasters.

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CCFD-Terre Solidaire


CCFD-Terre Solidaire, France’s leading international solidarity and development NGO, has been working for 60 years alongside those who fight daily against all the causes of hunger and who face the injustices of the current development model.


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Every day, Abej SOLIDARITÉ fights to help homeless people in the Lille area escape exclusion.

If you are a representative of an NGO or solidarity association, please contact us to discuss sponsorship opportunities.

s de mécénat.

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BlueSecure strengthens your teams against cyberthreats. Find out what BlueSecure can do for you.