A single awareness-raising tool for your entire organization

Join the 200 organizations that trust BlueSecure to empower their users.

An all-inclusive offer

Customizable phishing simulation e-mail campaigns
Cyber e-learning catalog, RGPD, digital escape game, quizzes and interactive games included
Detailed dashboard: statistics, reminders, exports and certificates
User risk score and retargeting of recurring clickers
Support by a dedicated customer success manager
Our offers for:
100 Targets max.
Up to 5 campaigns per month
Includes eLearning
249 € / Monthly without VAT
Our offer also includes

Scenarios: 2FA, ID theft, attachments (ransomware, invoices…), IBAN fraud, QR Code, president scam, forms…

Displaying an educational page

Customizable domain names and senders

Azure Ad, LDAP and Google Workspace synchronization for user import

Outlook reporting button

Scalable offer: phishing via SMS, USB keys, phone calls, Wi-Fi…

Adjustable sending interval

Data leak watch on the dark web

Hosted in France (ISO 27001-certified centers)

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One-off campaign

BlueSecure offers you a tailor-made service to assess your cyber threat risk level on a one-time basis. We provide a unique and personalized phishing simulation campaign through the channel of your choice.

Choose the theme and scenario that best fit your organization. Once the simulation is launched, benefit from a detailed analysis of the results, enabling you to enhance the security of your organization.

Access to customizable e-mail templates

Access to login page/attachment templates

Content editor for scenario customization

Adjustable sending interval

View statistics + download detailed report

Our offers for:

100 Targets max.

1 Campaign

eLearning: €5 per user

499€ / Campaign without VAT