BlueSecure effectively protects your data under the strictest standards of protection and risk management.

GDPR Ready

We implement a personal data protection policy following the principles of the RGPD.

Impact analyses (PIA) are regularly carried out to guarantee a high level of data security on a daily basis.


Our AFNOR-certified DPO ensures compliance is maintained on a daily basis, including minimization and people’s rights.

We are Europeans !

Your data is hosted in France by French providers: primary server by OVH and secondary server by Scaleway.


Our platform is based on infrastructures certified ISO 27001, SOC 1 Type II and SOC 2 Type II and CISPE.


Organizational and technical security designed by ISO 27001-certified auditors.


Encryption of all data flows using the HTTPS / TLS protocol, with 2048-bit RSA certificates guaranteeing your identity to the site and the site’s identity to you.


We perform regular pentests on our own installations.


No data entered during phishing simulations is stored; only raw statistics are recorded: e-mail opened, link clicked, information sent…


The tool offers the option of anonymizing the statistics, so that no link can be made between a person’s e-mail address and the associated actions. In this case, only the overall statistics for a campaign can be consulted.