January 31, 2024

“BlueSecure stands out for its responsiveness and personalised support, enabling us to make full use of the tool’s capabilities”

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How BlueSecure revolutionised cybersecurity awareness in 50 non-profit healthcare establishments?

Background and challenges

For the past two years, AGSI, which provides IT services to 2 associations representing 50 nursing homes across France, has been facing a major challenge: managing these associations simultaneously but with separate statistics. With no e-learning tools and insufficient financial and human resources to develop them, and following several audits revealing a need for cyber-security awareness, AGSI had to act quickly.

The BlueSecure solution

The discovery of BlueSecure was a revelation. After studying several options, AGSI was won over by BlueSecure’s ease of deployment and use. An attempted ‘president scam’ in one of the health establishments highlighted the urgent need for targeted awareness-raising, particularly in the accounts and finance departments.

Testimonials and results

“BlueSecure stands out for its responsiveness and personalised follow-up, enabling us to make full use of the tool’s capabilities and minimise risks.” – Afeez A., IS Coordinator at AGSI

“BlueSecure’s ergonomic design makes it easy for our IT teams to use, meeting our needs perfectly.” – Vivien H. IT DIRECTOR AT AGSI

After two years of partnership and almost 3,000 users trained, AGSI has seen a significant evolution of the solution. Technical support, renowned for its availability, has played a key role in this transformation. “Thanks to BlueSecure, we have significantly reduced phishing incidents, which used to affect a quarter of our establishments.”

Lasting impact

In a high turnover sector, the need for regular awareness campaigns is crucial. Association users have become more autonomous and their cyber security reflexes have evolved.


AGSI’s experience with BlueSecure is testimony to a successful transformation in cyber awareness. BlueSecure’s personalised approach, user-friendly solution and responsive technical support enabled AGSI to overcome its initial challenges, reducing risks and enhancing the security of its users.