January 31, 2024

“The training courses offered have been very well received by users”

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Customer for 2 years

Context and initial requirements

This customer, a national public organization dedicated to preserving biodiversity, has embarked on a major digital transformation process. Their mission, centered on wildlife analysis and voluntary offsetting, requires constant innovation, particularly in the calculation of biodiversity scores.

Faced with this evolution, the organization has encountered a major challenge: securing its IT systems when migrating to SharePoint, for example. Although there were no major security issues, the risk associated with user accounts was a constant concern. They had previously been using free tools to raise awareness, but were looking for a more robust, simple and rapid solution.

Working with BlueSecure

It was against this backdrop that BlueSecure stepped in. BlueSecure, which specializes in phishing simulation and IT security awareness, offered exactly what the customer needed: an easy-to-use, effective risk analysis and prevention solution.

Collaboration highlights

  1. Simplicity and responsiveness: BlueSecure’s platform stood out for its ease of use and responsiveness
  2. Training and awareness: “The training courses offered were very well received by users. They were useful not only for the organization, but also on a personal level, making employees aware of the security risks on their professional and personal accounts,” explains Gautier M, IT & General Resources Manager
  3. Risk Aw areness: BlueSecure helped all teams to become aware of the security risks to which they were exposed, underlining that security is a concern for all companies, whatever their size.
  4. E-Learning catalog: BlueSecure’s rich catalog of e-Learning courses was an added bonus, offering varied and relevant resources to reinforce security awareness.

Impact and results

Thanks to BlueSecure, this customer has strengthened its IT security, raised its employees’ awareness of cybersecurity risks, and succeeded in maintaining a secure IT environment while pursuing its mission to preserve biodiversity. This collaboration has demonstrated that the right awareness and the right tools can make a significant difference in managing IT security risks.